Southern Methodist University

By: Sophie Smith

History of SMU

In the 1900's the leaders of the city, of Dallas, decided they needed a university that could meet up to the high standards of Dallas. Dallas applied to be the city for the new big college, this got everyone in the DFW area in the can-do spirit. Dallas ended up wining and Caruth, Armstrong, and Daniel families gave land for the campus to be built. 1915, SMU opened as a university for all in DFW. The curriculum focused on liberal arts, theology, and music. The university helped dallas physically and economically as the years past.

Undergraduate programs

1. BBA

2. Minor in Business Administration

3. Minor in Business

Graduate programs

1. Minor in Civil Engineering

2. Minor in Enviromental Engineering

Financial aid and Scholarships

The average amount of an undergraduate’s scholarship and need-based financial package is $26,700. You will be offered for scholarships when you apply for SMU, SMU has specific and lots of scholarships available.

Program Info

email :

phone number : 1(214) 768-4357

adress : Dallas, TX

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