Dressing Appropriately

Learn how to dress properly for a job interview!

Show Them Your Whole Package You Have To Offer

When employers look for new employees, they are looking for someone who isn't just qualified for the job, but someone who can fit in. The whole package consists of your hair all the way down to your shoes! its important you present yourself in a way that will get you the job. All the details add to the total presentation.

The Goods!

Hair- Clean cut and not greasy or messy.

Facial Hair- Appropriate for the work place.

Teeth- Keep it CLEAN! Brush them.

Fragrance- Not over powering, but strong and masculine/feminine.

Shirts/Ties/Coats- Make sure shirts are ironed and clean that match the entire outfit. Ties shall match shirt and not too crazy, but inviting. Coats are needed if necessary for the workplace and profession. Dress shirts are required.

Below The Belt- Pants shall be ironed and pressed that match entirety of the outfit. A belt must always be worn because it keeps you looking sharp! Shoes and socks must be black and NO ankle socks, it looks unprofessional.

How much additional apparel do you wear?

General rule of thumb: Do not wear jewelry that is over-sized and that it stays in one place.Do not wear glamorous things, it will make you appear to be flashy.

Do you know what you are doing?

· Be clean and neat, including your fingernails, teeth, shoes, hair and face

· Conservative two-piece business suit in a basic color

· Empty pockets-no bulges or tinkling coins/keys, etc.

· No gum, candy or cigarettes

· Light briefcase or portfolio case

· No visible body piercing (noise, eyebrow, tongue, etc.) -wear minimum jewelry and cologne

· Arrive ten minutes early and arrive alone

· Smile; be friendly

· Demonstrate a positive attitude

· Use good eye contact

· Shake hands firmly

· Use good manners

· Don't interrupt and don't argue

· Don't chew gum