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Give it to me straight. Why eat on party days?

It might be tempting to skip a meal or two before a holiday party, but let's talk about why boosting your meal with fiber rich foods can set you up for success when the cookies are calling your name.

Sometimes we think by eating less, we'll save ourselves for the "naughty foods." The truth is that if we make a point to eat whole foods throughout the day, it will help keep the systems of our bodies in check if we do happen to splurge.

Fiber can be found in plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

  • Eating Fiber-full foods takes more chewing, which helps to slow us down from consuming too much.
  • Fiber helps to steady your blood sugar and quite possibly your moods
  • Fiber keeps things moving throughout the intestines.
  • Eating fiber helps lower cholesterol
  • Fiber helps promote a healthy gut

Dr. Cono reports that fiber is actually one of the most important "prebiotics" you can eat. Turns out fiber rich plants support the best commensal bacteria or "probiotics" to support optimal health.

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Fiber Sources:

Eat the peel! Fruits with skin have more fiber than canned.

Go for the Green: Darker leaves have higher fiber than lighter leaf lettuces

Beans for the world! Dried beans when you can and then soak them, canned when you are short on time.

Dried fruits: apricots, raisins, prunes, and figs (Eat sparingly due to sugar content)

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