KitKat Malaysian Video Project

An art project to capture how Malaysians take a break

It begins with...

A music video for the Kit Kat song. Featuring a series of still photos of how a Malaysian takes a break (lepak pose) taken all over Malaysia. Similar to this:

But using this effect...

Modeled after a video that got 23 million YouTube views
Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.

Stop motion

This music video had 7 million views
In Your Arms - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video) Stop Motion Animation

We'll also do "The Making of..."

The Making Of "In Your Arms" (Stop Motion Animation)

And ends with...

A call for your twitpic / instagram / facebook photos to be included in the next video. All you need to do is use the hastag #Kitkatbreak and it may be selected for the project!


Terence need your help from here