First Annual Poetry Summit

Create. Share. Perform. Listen. Connect.

On May 17th from 10:00am-12:00pm EST, four schools within Canada, Iowa, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are going to come together virtually for the Poetry Summit where they will share poetry they created.

It started with an idea and we put together our TEAM....

Frances Ann Squire from Birchwood Intermediate School on Prince Edward Island, Canada

Shawn Storm from Strayer Middle School in Quakertown, PA

Elissa Malespina and Melissa Butler from South Orange Middle School in South Orange, New Jersey

Janelle Thompson and Shannon McClintock Miller from Van Meter Community School in Van Meter, Iowa

What are the rules?

  • Each poem must be of the poet's own construction; and be named

  • Each poet gets three minutes (plus a ten-second grace period) to recite their poem.

  • The poet may not use props, costumes or musical instruments

  • Poets will be scored on a 0-10 scale on performance, originality and content

  • All poets will wear a nametag with their names and their school

  • All poems must be memorized

  • Any style poem is allowed (written, lyrics, rap, etc....)

  • Have fun being heard!

There will also be a call for MC's of the Poetry Summit.

We will need MC's (Master of Ceremonies) from each school.

There will be an MC application. We will post this application next week.

These will be due by April 29th.

We have invited several amazing guests to join us for the Poetry Summit. They will serve as guest commentators , share original work, and give the students writing tips.

Choclatt, Musician

Robert Forbes, Poet

Tina Kelly, Poet

Mrs. P (Actress Kathy Kinney) Storyteller and Entertainer...Mrs. P's Storytime

Glenis Redmond, Performance Poet

Racquel Willams, Poems from West Essex High School Students

Everyone can join the Poetry Summit by joining the live stream of the Google Hangout. We will share more very soon.

Follow on Twitter at #PoetrySummit

Students can submit their poems to this Padlet.