-PHS Update- January 15

Pleasanton High School

Important Dates and Events

January 16 - Marine Recruiter Lunch Visit

January 17 - Midseason Tournament

January 17 - HS Scholars Bowl vs Pittsburg

January 18 - Early Release

January 19 - Midseason Tournament

January 20 - Midseason Tournament

January 23 - JH Scholars Bowl @ Uniontown

January 24 - HSBB @ Home vs Moran

January 25 - FFA Poultry @ Paola

January 25 - US Army Rep Lunch Visit

January 26 - HS Scholars Bowl - League @ Marmaton Valley

January 27 - Courtwarming

January 27 - HSBB vs Altoona

January 31 - HSBB @ Crest

February 1 - Early Release

February 1 - STARS Event @ Iola

February 3 - HSBB @ Chetopa

February 6 - JH Scholars Bowl @ Jayhawk

February 7 - HSBB vs Uniontown (Home)

February 8 - FFA Meat Judging @ Paola

February 9 - JH Scholars Bowl @ Arma

February 10 - HSBB vs Oswego

February 13 - BOE Meeting

Big News: Don Epps to USD 344!

Congratulation to Don Epps, who was named the new USD 344 Superintendent at the January 9 Board of Education meeting. See below for a message from Mr. Epps! #ChasingGreatness
I'm so thankful the opportunity the Pleasanton USD 344 Board of Education has given me to serve such a wonderful school district!! I will work... | By Don | Facebook

Hats and Backpacks

Please help us in reminding students of a couple of expectations from our student handbook. Over the past week, we have seen numerous hats and backpacks in the hallways, these expectations have been in place since August but some of our students seem to be struggling to meet the expectations.

1. Hats - This is not a new expectation, it has been a school dress code issue for many years. Students are not allowed to wear hats in the classrooms or hallways of PHS.

2. Backpacks - This was a new expectation for this school year, and has been difficult for many of our students to get used to. Students are expected to store backpacks in their lockers, lockers may be accessed during passing period or with the permission of a teacher during class.

Date Corrections - Update your Calendar!

January 17, 19, and 20 - Midseason Tournament

Originally January 16 was listed as a tournament night, but we will not need all four nights due to the number of teams.

April 22 - Prom

Prom was listed as April 8 on the printed calendar, but April 22 is the actual date.

April 27 - May 1 - Senior Trip

Seniors will be on their trip to Wisconsin Dells!

Courtwarming Spirit Week

Big picture

Preparing for Courtwarming!

Courtwarming is on January 27 during the high school basketball game against Altoona-Midway High School. During the next couple of week you will hear about some exciting things!

Theme: Pleasanton's Got Game

January 11 - Class meetings during seminar to prepare for lip sync!

January 16 through January 19 - Hallway decorating during seminar

January 27 - Courtwarming pep assembly, basketball game and ceremony

IMPACT Referral of the Week

To: Kendra Marshall

From: Sy Snow


Sy is always polite and always has a thank you for me when he comes in to grab candy!

IMPACT Referral

Click here to recognize someone who makes our school community a better place!

Parents - We need you!

One of our goals this year is to establish a site council. Our site council would be made up of school personnel (certified and classified), parents, and students to help inform decisions that we make at school. The purpose of the school site council is to advise the school on such matters as student learning, education programs, school improvement planning, education planning, and accreditation issues. The site council also plays an advocacy role for the school regarding the same issues.

A site council is a commitment to the school in hopes of making it the best school it can be. It is a time commitment, but it is also a commitment to seek solutions to areas of weakness in our system. A great school is always seeking ways to improve and a site council helps to lead those improvements.

If you would like more information about serving on the Pleasanton High School site council, please contact Sara Conley at sara.conlely@usd344.org.

Sportsmanship and Rule 52

At any game or event, the worst feeling for an administrator is that they would have to address an athlete, coach, or fan regarding behavior. Passion and pride sometimes mix with frustration and show up in negative ways that can adversely impact the school, team, and community.

At all events, our goal is to provide a positive experience for our athletes and coaches. We want to cheer them on, provide encouragement and support them whether they win or lose. PHS Pride has been a goal this year, and our students have risen to the occasion, they show up and cheer each other on. I am so proud that our student section is growing into a fun and positive environment for our fans and athletes.

Below is the link to Rule 52 from KSHSAA - I encourage you to review these rules with your family. As we approach basketball season, you will see more leadership from our students in the area of sportsmanship, prior to each game our athletes will provide these reminders to fans to help promote a positive environment.

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