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A newsletter for dairy producers - April 2016

LOOK, LISTEN, AND FEEL : A LIFESAVER! for Milking Equipment

By: Dr. Leo Timms; ISUEO State Dairy Specialist

LOOK, LISTEN, AND FEEL! Critical words and concepts you learn in first aid and CPR that are imperative to assess a person's well being who's been traumatized. LOOK at their position, complexion, vital visual signs; get close and LISTEN for airflow and breathing; and FEEL for a pulse which assures blood flow.

These same words are critical and are the basis for assessment and health of your milking equipment and routines. Continue...

USDA Announces Improvements in Dairy Margin Protection Program

Article printed online at National Milk Producers Federation

ARLINGTON, VA – Several important improvements in the new safety net program for dairy farmers were announced Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, following recommendations made to the agency by the National Milk Producers Federation to enhance the value of the dairy Margin Protection Program (MPP). Continue...

Understanding Milk Classification Labels

By Tracey Erickson, SDSU Extension Dairy Field Specialist

Within today’s society there is a lot of confusion about the food we consume. We, as consumers, need to truly take the time to understand “what” the label is telling us and the “why” behind the way a product is processed and given a particular label before it is presented to us as consumers for consumption. Continue...

Synchronization 101

By Ryan Breuer, DVM; ISUEO Dairy Specialist

Good reproduction results in more calves and higher milk production and more profit!! Good reproduction can be achieved by transitioning cows into the miking string healthy, inseminating cows shortly after the VWP (voluntary waiting period), and rapid identification and re-insemination of open cows. Continue...

Beta-agonists in the Spotlight

By Heidi Carroll, SDSU Extension Livestock Stewardship Associate

The use of beta-agonists in beef cattle production has been highly scrutinized following concerns of animal welfare, which has led to the removal of Zilmax® (zilpaterol hydrochloride) from the market by the manufacturer. Improving animal well-being through careful use of these feed additives and managing the animal’s environment to minimize stress has remained a focus of much research. Continue...

Calendar of Events


29 - Nebraska dairy survey due; complete online or return the mail-in survey
18-20 - Minnesota Dairy Health Conference; Bloomington, MN
18 - SDSU Extension Dairy & Elanco Bilingual Lunch & Learn Workshop; Reading Your Cow's Body Language; Royal River Casino and Hotel; See flyer below

2-4 - Dairy Fest, Swiftel, Brookings, SD
4-5 - Moo at the Zoo; Omaha, NE Henry Doorly Zoo
7-9 - A.I. training; Northeast Iowa Community College; Calmar, IA
11 - Classic Dairy 25th anniversary Open House; Jansen, NE
11 - Dwane, Joan & Jeremy Wanzek Dairy farm tour; Cleveland, ND
14 - Water Quality: The 1% That Counts Webinar at 10 AM
14 - Dairy Iowa meeting; Waverly, IA
15-16 - Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference; Dubuque, IA
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