December KODIAK News

Wallace & Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate School

Dear Families,

It's amazing to think that we are one third of the way through our school year. This year we merged the 4th and 5th-6th grade reporting windows into trimesters. We have also taken on piloting standards based grading, so you can expect for there to be a change in the way students grades are reflected on report cards. Our website has a bit more information on standards based grading, and I encourage you to check it out. Please keep an eye out for report cards in your mailbox toward the end of next week, and please contact your student's teacher to gather additional information on the reports.

December is such a short stretch, but it's filled with a lot of exciting activities! It won't be long before we welcome the new year. That also means that the cold weather is definitely upon us, and It's very important that for this time of the year students come in with warm clothes. We will be outside as much as possible during morning and lunch recess times unless the weather is just too bad.

Please take some time to enjoy your family and friends and make some wonderful memories.

Thanks for support! Go Kodiaks!

Columba Jones


Student Happenings

4th Grade

The 4th grade continues our study of salmon. The alevin (sac fry) are swimming around in the tank, no longer stuck on the bottom with the weight of their yolk sac. We have a Culture of Salmon presentation given by representatives of the Yakama tribe on December 8th, and a salmon art project about fish adaptations with U.S. Fish and Wildlife on December 10th. We set our salmon free into the Columbia at the Spring Creek Fish Hatchery on December 17th. It's been a great unit!

5th Grade

During the month of December our fifth graders are working on the reading comprehension skill of cause and effect. We are also tying it into our Enrichment classes.

In social studies we have read about the first three English settlements and will be writing a compare/contrast essay on the settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth that were settled in 1607 and 1620 respectively.

6th Grade

The 6th grade students are continuing their study of sentence structures by moving onto more complex, compound sentences. We are also enjoying our literature studies during enrichment time through rich discussion of our novels and exploration of vocabulary and figurative language. In social studies, we will be learning all about the rise of civilizations and identifying examples of the 7 cultural universals from each one through the year. We will begin by looking at Ancient Sumer and how early humans began to develop the more sophisticated aspects of a society.


The fifth and sixth graders have had an opportunity in the past to join the ski club. This means they can go skiing a few time during the winter months. These trips happen on Fridays. Students bring all their gear to school and meet in a classroom after school. They load a bus along with 7th -12th graders and head to the mountain to enjoy an evening of skiing. Students usually return about 10pm. This ski club is run by volunteers and in order for this to be possible again this year. Volunteers would be in charge of the following:

Collecting ski forms

  • Make copies of the forms that are needed (total of 3 forms each trip)
  • Make sure all forms are signed and completed before accepting any
  • payment, and turned in to the head organizer( Maggie Lariviere) by the Tuesday before the Friday ski
  • trip. It is especially important to ensure that Student medical information is complete.
  • Be able to put the order information into a spreadsheet and turn in to Maggie; there is a copy from last year as an example.
  • Write a receipt for each student to keep a paper trail of money.
  • Recruit a few chaperons for the mountain, or be willing to chaperon themselves. We have some contacts from last year.
  • Make sure chaperons are approved volunteers.

The proposed Ski dates this :

January 15, 29

February 12, 26
March 11

If you are interested in helping with this process this year, Please email Mrs. Jones, building principal by December 11th 2015.




Here’s how you can safely dispose of your electronic trash, help your school improve its computers, and support your school’s Lego robotics team, all at the same time.

The title of this year’s Lego Robotics competition for intermediate school students is “Trash Trek”. One part of the competition challenges students to identify a problem with the way we make or handle trash, design an innovative solution for that problem, and share that solution with others.

The Recycling Robots, one of the teams from WPSIS, has chosen the problem of safely disposing electronic waste. The team visited StRUT, a not for profit organization in the Dalles that not only provides technology education and equipment to schools, including WPSIS, but also recycles electronic waste. The team learned that StRUT will pick up electronic waste and dispose of it safely, and for free!! In addition, if enough waste is collected, WPSIS will be rewarded with improved computer components!!

The Recycling Robots team asks White Salmon community to join in an electronic recycling drive during the week of December 7-11th. Please bring your old computers, monitors, printers, cell phones, flat panel televisions, and other electronics equipment for donation and disposal. There will be a collection location located in the small gym/cafeteria*

[NOTE: StRUT cannot accept microwaves, refrigerators,or tube televisions.]

Office Reminders

Visitors and Volunteers

Please remember to stop in at the WPSIS office and pick up a visitor's badge when coming in.


Regular attendance has a direct correlation to a student's success at school. See the link below for some helpful tips!

Please keep in mind, if your student must be absent, the WPSIS office will need a note within 48hrs explaining the reason for their absence.

Upcoming Dates


  • 7th: PTO sponsored Santa's Breakfast
  • 7th-11th: Canned Food Drive
  • 7th-11th: Electronic Waste Recycling Drive
  • 9th: Early Release
  • 15th: Winter Band Concert 6:30pm
  • 16th: Early Release
  • 17th: WSVSD Board Meeting 7:00pm at HMS
  • 21st-1st: Winter Break