Ellen Hopkins

Should I or not? Do I even want to change?

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About the Author

Ellen Hopkins was born in Long Beach, CA on March 26, 1955. She group up with her adoptive parents from birth, and they were a poor-rich family. Her father earned his money from the war and was very proud of every part of it. " From the time I knew how to put words on paper. I’ve always been writing something (especially poetry) ever since, although I didn’t start writing for money until around 1992." (Ellen Hopkins website)

Book Series

Crank, Glass and Fallout are one of the many series that Ellen Hopkins' has written. " You know how you stanmd and stand and stand in line for the most incredible roller coaster you've ever dared to attempt. Anticipation swelling, minute by minute, you choose to wait even longer, to ride in the front car and finally it's your turn. They buckle you in, lock the safety bar with a jolting clunk! Hook engaged, the chain jerks you forward. You start to climb..." (Ellen Hopkins)

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