Chakra Healing Training

Tap Into Your Own Healing Wisdom

Weekend Workshop September 21st & 22nd

Devised by Viriam Kaur, the Chakra Healing Technique uses breathwork, visualization, crystals and sound healing. This is an experiential course and we focus on developing an understanding of how energy moves through us, looking at how our emotions and our personalities are influenced by chakra and pranic energy.

Using Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are our mirror, so we will use Kundalini Yoga to develop an understanding of the chakra energy within. As we start to get a tangible sense of chakra energy, we will learn techniques to give healing to others. We will learn how to tune into our intuition which is a key to our healing and how to use crystals and sound during healing sessions.

What Others Say....

"Having just begun my journey into the discovery of subtle energy, Viriam's training provided an extensive, practical and tangible introduction to chakra healing. Viriam's guidance through the training, as with everything she does, is provided with constant encouragement, love and support along with an innate knowledge of the practice. There's no bullshit. You know she knows what she's doing from the word go. I recommend her unreservedly." Eoghan Cleary, Youth Development Worker and Yoga Teacher

"Viriam’s teaching taps into the deep nurturing quality of Mother Earth, bringing with it a groundedness, softness and sense of being held. I have always found her work to be infused with beauty, balance, grace and femininity ... as well as having a strong foundation of knowledge and skill. Altogether a great recipe for healing!" Amoda, author of How to Find God in Everything

Treehouse Yoga

The weekend training will be at the lovely Treehouse Yoga in Southfields, London. You can either get in touch with me direct or with Treehouse Yoga.