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2015-2016 LVES Weekly Staff Newsletter

Week of February 8-12, 2016

Gen Ed/SpEd Teachers Meet on Monday


4th Grade Writing Benchmarks

Tuesday is going to be a very busy day, because 4th grade is taking their Writing Benchmark in preparation of the STAAR test in March. In addition to 4th grade classrooms testing, the following classrooms/teachers will be administering a small group test:

  • Janna and Joanne in the Reading Lab
  • Tasha in her classroom
  • Cathy in her classroom
  • Cat in the Science Lab

Title 1 Reading, Math, ESL and Dyslexia students will not be pulled on Tuesday. Please help 4th grade students by ensuring that your classes are quiet in the hallways when transitioning. Thank you so much for your help and Good Luck 4th Graders!!

Family Fun Night on Tuesday

If you need an idea for dinner on Tuesday night, then stop by PDQ in Cedar Park! Kindergarten and Specials will be there to call out orders, take orders and maybe make a milkshake or two:-) The class that has the most signatures at the end of the night will receive free milkshake coupons. As if that isn't incentive enough, LVES gets a portion of the night's sales!

Valentine's Day Parties

Friday, February 12th is our 2nd FMNV party day! Team Leaders if you have not sent Christine and Veronica your grade level's party time, please do so soon. This will help Christine and Veronica answer parent phone calls without having to interrupt you:-) You will receive a sign-out sheet and pink slips for parents to fill out if they are taking their children home from the party. Please make sure your parents sign-out and fill out the pink slips before they leave your room. This will make dismissal go so much smoother.

PLC's this week...

It's a full week of PLCs!! Woohoo!! Keep sending Eric and me your agendas ahead of time so we know what you will be working on.


My head is itching as I type this. It seems like winter time is prime lice season, and this winter is no exception. Here are a couple of suggestions that will help decrease the opportunity for lice to spread in your classroom:

  • Jackets in backpacks - not on hooks if they are touching
  • Backpacks on back of chairs - not on hooks if they are touching
  • Not sharing headphones, hats, etc
  • Not laying down on rugs
  • Taking out bean bags, upholstered chairs and couches (which should be removed anyway per fire inspection)

Schools cannot send children home if they have lice, so it's super important that we look for ways to decrease the opportunity for lice to spread.

LVISD Education Foundation Grants

It's that time of the year to submit grant proposals to the LVISD Education Foundation. Dr. Lofton sent an email earlier this week with the link to the proposal form. LVES submitted and received a lot of grants last year, so if you have an innovative idea that needs some funding, I encourage you to submit a proposal. Our Lucy Calkins Units of Study were made possible thanks to the Education Foundation.

Here is the link for the proposal and more information about the process:


Exchange Days

I know that April and June are still a few months away, but we all know that the Spring semester flies by. If you would like to have April 18th and June 3rd off, then you must complete 12 hours of professional development before April 1st. This professional development must be completed off your contract time (after school or on weekends). There are lots of online professional development opportunities that were listed in the PD information from the beginning of the year.

I am including the link to the PD information:


You must submit certificates of completion for your professional development through Workshop in Eduphoria. If you any questions or problems submitting certificates, please let me know.

February 15th is a Student/Staff Holiday, not an exchange day:-)

Faculty Meeting

This week's faculty meeting is for CIP Teams. We will meet in the Library at 3:05 pm for some wellness news from Tasha and yummy snacks provided by 4th grade. February Formative Reviews are due, so CIP Teams will update our progress on the CIP.

Weekly Attendance Goal

Our attendance percentage for the week of February 4th:

  • 96%

Weekly Quote

This week's video is for all of you who watch the Super Bowl for the Puppy Bowl...Enjoy!
Puppy Bowl IX: A Year of Excessive Cuteness | Puppy Bowl IX

And speaking of Puppy Bowl...

I'm pretty certain this bundle of high-energy cuteness could definitely make the Puppy Bowl team:-)
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Faculty Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following staff member:

  • Jennifer Baker - February 12th

Happy birthday Jennifer...enjoy your special day!

Mark Your Calendar - be sure to add "Elementary Staff Calendar"

  • February 8th - Gen Ed/SPED Teachers meet during conferences
  • February 8th - Eric out
  • February 9th - LVES Family Fun Night at PDQ, Kindergarten and Specials are representing LVES
  • February 9th - 4th Grade Writing Benchmarks - no Title 1, Dyslexia or PLC this day, Teachers on Lunch duty
  • February 9th - Michelle at admin meeting
  • February 10th - CIP Team Meetings, 4th grade provides snacks
  • February 12th - Valentine's Day Parties
  • February 15th - Student and Staff Holiday, No School
  • February 22nd - Tier 3 Meetings
  • February 23rd - Lucas Miller Show, schedule coming soon
  • February 23rd - Michelle at admin meeting
  • February 24th - Student Support Meetings, 3:05 pm in library
  • February 29th - Tier 3 Meetings
  • March 1st - Spring Choir Concert, 2 pm and 7 pm