Spirit Animals "Rise and Fall"

By: Eliot Schrefer

Pages: 187, Publisher: Scholastic Inc., Grade Level: 3-7, Age Range: 8-12

Rollon, Abeke, Conor, and Melin are venturing to Nilo to find the Great lion Carbaro's talisman the Golden Lion. But the all ready had a dreadful sacrifice and are going to have to make more to win.

Here are two drawn scenes from my book and a new book cover for the book.

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My Reveiw

This book was so amazing!!!! I loved the whole thing. Of course on the sad parts I almost cried, but other wise I loved it. It had so much action and mystery. I rate this 5 stars *****!!!


The Greencloaks Conor, Rollon, Melin, and Abeke are setting to Nilo to get the Golden Lion talisman from the Great Lion, Carbaro. but now they've been separated by a horrible betrayal and their not as strong as before. But they still fight on and trying there best to win. They have mope surprises and and devastations ahead off them. So they better prepare for whats coming.

These are 3 of my favorite quotes from the book.

1. "I'm so lucky that you came to me Jhi."

2. "Halawir has betrayed us."

3. "You are the Devourer, not Gar!"