YL Wash. Co. Campaigners & Hangout

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Young Life Cabin time (Campaigners)

At Young Life camp we have this time where we discuss Real things that matter in life. We are going to take some time before hanging out on Wednesday to discuss real life stuff that matters. We are going to talk about God's Love for us and talk about death of friends in our lives. This will be a time to gather as friends and process though difficult time.

***Bring a snack to share, YL Wash. Co. will provide sodas & water***

Young Life Wash. Co. Campaigners and Hangout

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 at 6:30-9:30pm

9520 Childacrest Dr, Boonsboro, MD, United States

Friends of Young Life, Bill and Mel Anderson have opened their backyard to us this week. Remember bring a friend, tell a friend, drive a friend... We will swim, play Frisbee etc. Hope you can make it!! We are having summer campaigners at 6:30pm, bring a bible, notebook and pen if you can.

Campaigners is a group of students committed to growing in their relationship with Christ and sharing this relationship with others. I hope you plan to attend this time.

-Matt and the other Young Life Volunteers.

Other things happening this week...

-Viewing at Fiery's Funeral Home for YL Wash. Co. Leader John Donnelly

Thursday, July 24 6pm-8pm

-After the viewing we are going to hang out with Young Life folks at Jesse and Marilea Barnums house on 912 Penn. Ave. Hagerstown MD 21742... less than 3 miles from the funeral home.

-Funeral Service for John Donnelly at St. Mary's Catholic Church Hagerstown

Friday, July 25 12pm

Please contact a leader if you have any questions or need a ride.