List 9 S'more

by: Evan Razor


Raze- to completely destroy something.

Adhere- to stick to something.

Frugal- someone who is conservative or saves their money.

Amass- a large a mount of something in one place.

Prolific-well known a lot of production.


raze- syn: destroy ant: rebuild

Adhere- syn:to stick ant: go away from

Frugal- syn: conservative ant: irresponsible

Amass- syn: large ant:small

Prolific- syn: successful ant: no product.

Word swap

1. The tornado destroyed (razed) the small town.

2. The decal stuck (adhered) to the car very well.

3. His grandmother was very conservative (frugal) with her money.

4. There was a large amount (amass) of guns in the armory.

5. The author was very successful (prolific). He's written 2 great books this year.