Life on kepler 69c

kristina gregor

How far will you be traveling??

To get to your lovely sky home on kepler 69c it will take a mere 270 years, so you might want to pack for a while.

How big is the planet??

Kepler 69c is very spacy with a diameter of 11,877 miles compared to earths measley 7,917.5 miles.


This planet stays mostly at a steamy 173,638 degrees, but in your floating home, it can be whatever temperature you want!


the gravity on kepler 69c is 4.40 + 0.15[1]cgs, meaning one earth pound is equal to 2.33 pounds on kepler 69c. So since I weigh 100 pounds, i would weigh 233 pounds on Kepler 69c


one year on kepler 69c is equal 242 earth days. The length of one day is equal 13 earth days.


  • Its classified as a super earth
  • It has smaller orbit than earth
  • it was discovered in April 17th 2013


  • Its very hot
  • no solid ground
  • no oxygen


floating capsules that stay in atmosphere which are temperature controlled and make oxygen inside an air conditioner type machine
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