SSIS Annual Read-a-thon

Read and raise money to support Kids4Kids' Reading4Glasses

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Set a Reading Goal

Students are asked to reflect on how much time they can spend reading and set a reading goal for the Read-a-thon period (March 11-20). This reflection will help students understand that the more time they spend reading (a great thing), the more money they can raise to help the migrant school students (another great thing)!


Children are encouraged to read, read, and read some more by themselves, with a friend, with a parent, to a friend, to a pet, to anyone who will listen! Please assist your child if he or she needs help to record reading time on the Reading Tracker sheet.

Get Sponsors!

  • Please help your children talk to family members, neighbours, friends, and anyone who is willing to sponsor their reading and donate to the Reading4Glasses campaign.
  • All sponsor information can be recorded on the Read-a-thon Sponsor Tracker Sheet.

Collect Donations!

After March 20th, students should add up the total time they spent reading and calculate the total amounts their sponsors will donate. Parents can help students solve these exciting math problems! Students should then collect the donations from their sponsors.

Return Donations and Reading Tracker Sheets

Children will return their donations and Reading Tracker sheets to their homeroom teachers by Monday, March 25th. Recognition (and prizes!) will be given to the children and homerooms who spend the most time reading and who raise the most money.


Thank you for supporting your child’s reading goals and the Kids4Kids’ Reading4Glasses campaign! Contact Ms. Eileen ( if you have any questions about this campaign.