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Introduction to the product

  • Aluminum is a solid metal with a silver color.
  • Its density is 2.70 g/cm and it melts at 933.437 K.
  • The metal naturally oxidizes very rapidly in air.
  • The oxidation helps protect the metal.
  • Aluminum has one non-radioactive isotope.
  • Forms useful alloys very easily with many other elements such as copper, zinc, magnesium, and silicon.
  • Aluminum can burn in oxygen, producing trioxide Aluminum oxide.
  • Aluminum is used for very many things because it is strong and lightweight.
  • Aluminum reacts with halogens, acids, and bases.
  • 8.2% of the earths crust is aluminum, and it is found mainly in bauxite ore.

Why choose Aluminum Enterprises?

We extract our Aluminum from imported Bauxite ore from Australia using the standard Hall-Heroult and Bayer processes. Aluminum can be a useful material for almost any corporation, household, or industry. Cans, Foil, airplanes, rockets, electrical lines, mirrors, synthetic rubies and sapphires for lasers, you name it. Whatever the need, our aluminum provides a lightweight and strong material. Buy it, melt it, and make it ©. TO ORDER NOW: Call 1-800-123-4567