Learning Experience Three



A WebQuest is an inquiry based lesson where all the information that has to be learned comes from the web. If we look at Kathy Schrock's Blooms taxonomy for technology, this strategy works on analysis and creativity. It is also one way to communicate information.
Below you will find links to WebQuest.org and a videos to learn more about creating WebQuests. Also you will find the link to Kathy Schrock's website that has an abundance of information on using technology in the classroom.

WebQuest 101 Part 1 -- What is a WebQuest?
WebQuest Tutorial

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Technology


Leadership is more than being the person on the top of an organization. Leadership is about mentoring and bringing other individuals along to become leaders. We can do this in Special Education by mentoring our students and teachers to become great leaders.
Qualities of Leadership - Leadership Quotes
David Logan: Tribal leadership