Racism at local Washinton Secondary

Orange class vs Blue Class

At local Washinton high school justin (orange) class was simply doing a kind honor on dancing with Amy, Birth name Emiko (blue) class at the school luao. Juan (blue) is Amy's close friend arrived at the dance, making his way towards amy when he politely asked justin if he could cut in. if you didnt know Justin is a white prevliged kid born into this wealth with that comes himself being self conious of being prejudice and rasist. due to that he rudly told juan "sure do, Buzz off Enchilada" with Juan shocked of his rude words, he naturally went for his self defence and told Justin " Okay gabacho" which from spanish to english translates as frenchy.

Breakin into tears?

Due to the hurtful words that Justin had said to Juan obviously made him very upset for him to break into tears. Amy is clearly very close to juan, so of course its in her nature to help the situation.but what she didnt know is that she was put into a situation on which they asked what side she wanted to be on. She chose not to choose sides.