Carrie Busey Elementary School

Enrichment Program 2015-2016

What Are We Doing?

If you've been wondering what the enrichment students were up to lately and where they are headed, take a look below for a quick peek into our world!

Saving Zooland

2nd Grade Specials:

We are learning about animals, their needs, and their habitats in order to care for the animals in Zooland and save the zoo from closing down.

Computer Science

4th and 5th Grade Math:

We are learning to use Javascript to code using Khan Academy. You can access this at home and even sign up other students.

Managing Money

3rd Grade Math:

We continue to learn about using and managing money as students shop and work in their own stores.

Job Openings

3rd Grade ELA:

We are researching about government jobs in order to create job postings for each position.

Fractured Fairy Tales

5th Grade ELA:

We are researching modern fairy tale retellings in order to choose a fairy tale and create our own fractured tale!

Science Night Advertisement

4th Grade Math:

We created presentations and performed them for the kindergarten and 1st grade classes to tell them all about Science Night and get them excited for the event! We may even turn this into a full video newscast for future classes to watch while learning all about video production.

Graphic Novels

2nd Grade ELA:

We will research graphic novels in order to create our own. Then we are going to use our graphic novel to help us add details in our prose writing.

Student Choice

Independent Study:

We are learning how to organize, manage time, research, and create using a topic of our choice! Weekly check-ins will keep us on track.

More Science Night

Various Grades:

We are going to work across grade levels to conduct a Science experiment and presentation board to display as a team at Science Night!

Typing Club

While second grade is no longer using typing club during enrichment specials, you can still use it at home! You can even set up accounts for other children in your house.