Life of a Reader

A mind takes root in Philly

It all began with Mom...

My earliest memories of reading are of seeing my mom reading. Mom would sit on the couch, next to the brown round table with the brass lamp, turning with her lips pursed. She wouldn't make a sound, but would breathe in and out slowly. I would try to syncronize my breathing to hers but after a few seconds I couldn't keep pace with her slower cadence. She would read book after book after book, turning page after page, as if she had nothing else in the world to do. On cold winter nights I used to sit next to her and tuck my feet under her thighs to keep them my toes warm.

My first reading experience

I began learning to reading in Kindergarten with Mrs. Randolf. She would pull a small group of student to the classroom behind the blue screen while the other kids were in centers. We would reader small photocopied booklets that had basic CVC words i.e. "the fat cat sat on the mat". My first memory of being able to read something on my own was sitting under the crab apple tree in the backyard next to my big brother Michael. He sat and read real "second grade" books. I was so proud that I could read my little Mac and Tab books too.

As a Teacher

Gradute school and my post-masters work exposed me to many different ideas about teaching and education. Today I stand on the shoulders of the giants who stood before me to educate the next generation of learners. My teaching is influenced by Uhry, Chall, Yopp and Yopp, Jeager Adams, Raphael, Campbell, Wilson, the Hunter College Special Education department, Beck, and others in the field of early readeing.