Babe Ruth day

by Aidan Bui

Who is Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth is a professional baseball player he is a power hiter he is a orfin and also loves to play baseball. He gets along with his teamates he was also a good baseball player

When did Babe Learn

Babe did not learn till the age six. when he got older and older he was about to go to the big leages.

Does Babe quit

No Babe does not quit he keeps on trying and tryinguntil he gets their.

Was Babe the first orfinit to play big leages

bacically yes he is the first orfinit to play big leages and he said he liked it.

How much did Babe get paid

Babe got paid over 200,000 dollars in a year.
Babe Ruth 60th Homerun - 1927

how many home runs did babe do

Wow babe did over 700 home runs and his batting averege was .342 his hits are 2,873.

how did he change socity

he change socity by giving everyone experents.