Alcea rosea

That is called a holly hock

Information on plants

1. The roots anchor it down.

2. Plants gives us oxygen.

3. Plants give us carbs.

4.Seed leaves are the first leafs on a plant.

5. Each leaf has 44,000 cells and each cell has 20-100 chloroplast.


6. Plants share water with their roots, it can be like a bush and a tree.

7. Photosynthesis means photo and synthesis mean together in Greek .

8. Plants have chloroplast and each chloroplast is green because it has chlorophyll.

9.You should be careful with your plant because when it has it's first bud it can easily fall off.

10. Our class breathe out air so that plants get 1. Oxygen 2. Carbs 3. Hydrogen.

11. Seed leafs are the first leafs that the hollyhock has. When it first forms it looks like a little hump.

12. When it dies it get Brown and comes back the next year.

Functions of the life cycle of a plant.

Hollyhocks look like confetti


Some holly hocks look like confetti because they have like four layers of flower petals.

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