My Smore Flyer

Lindsay Ahl

Basic Information consulting HIV/AIDS in sub saharan Africa

  • Sub Saharan Africa countries are the most effected by HIV/AIDS
  • Out of 40 million orphans in the world,11 million are orphaned by AIDS
  • HIV/AIDS has done damage to Africa's economy
  • The vast majority of people living with HIV in Africa are between the ages of 15- 49
  • The biggest number of deaths,however, are between the ages of 20-49
This is a red ribbon which is the national symbol for support with people who suffer with HIV/AIDS

How we can help in the cure of HIV/AIDS

  • One way to help Africa prevent HIV/AIDS is to better Africa's way of life. Not many know that HIV/Aids have been linked with other serious issues such as poverty and poor public infrastructures. The U.S can help by giving money to Africa for those basic needs.
  • Africa needs better healthcare so they can research a cure for HIV/AIDS. A lot of people in the U.S participate in athletic events to raise money to help find a cure. An example would be Ms. Kozitza partipating in the Red Ribbon Ride. (See info below)

Red Ribbon Ride

Thursday, July 17th, 7am

60 E Broadway

Bloomington, MN

To see full info and find out how to donate visit

Struggles in sub saharan Africa due to HIV/AIDS

  • Economic struggles
  • Life expectancy is decreasing
  • Huge impact on businesses and enterprises
  • Struggle to find teachers
  • Less children receiving quality education
  • Food production and basic necessities are becoming hard to get
  • Effects on hospitals
  • Health care and funeral costs have gone up

If we stand strong we can find a cure for HIV/AIDS