The Nile River

Egypt Gift

The Nile River is a major north flowing river in north east Africa it is one of the longest and most useful rivers in the world. It's about 4,258 miles long!

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What is the Nile River Valley like?

The Nile River Valley is a hot and dry region, but because of water the land is moist and fertile. At some parts of the Nile River the is water no deeper then 4 feet, but the average depth is 10-15 feet. Around the Nile there is only trees and field.

Why is the Nile River Valley important?

Without the Nile River and the surrounding valley, Ancient Egyptain civilization would not have existed. The Nile River served as the Egyptains only source of water and food and an important method of transportation. In Ancient times not many civilizations were strong enough to have a thriving societies. That was not the case with the people of the Nile. The river enabled Ancient Egypt to grow into one of the most gifted civilizations of that era.

Would it be possible to farm in Egypt if the Nile River did not exist?

The answer would be no. It is impossible to farm in Egypt with out the Nile River because they depend on it. They use the Nile River to farm, for water, and to drink from. Another name for the Nile is "the gift of the Nile".

Why did the Nile flood every year?

Melting snow and heavy Sumer rain in the Ethiopion Mountain sent water causing the banks of the Nile River to over flow on the dessert land.

By: Natalie, Avery, Adranna, and Ashley