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What is the titanic? summary

The titanic was the biggest ship in his time but unfortunatley it crashed with an iceberg and many people died but some people live.Everyone were having a good time . They love the Titanic. The titanic was so big that when the man that tell the captain that a iceberg was approching they didn't have time to turn and to stop.The captain wanted to get faster to there place because then he will be like a very good captain .He was going so fast that then the man that told him that an iceberg was approching he instead of stopping he putted reverse because he was going very fast. and he turn but the ship didn't get to turn enough and they crashed .

They had 3 classes 1 class 2 class and 3 class they said that the one in the 1 class needed to get first in the boats because they were the more important.

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Who was Edward J Smith?

Edward J Smith was the captain of the titanic . Born on January 27, 1850 in Hanley, Staffordshire, England. Smith played a role in one of the most famous disasters at sea in history, the sinking of the Titanic. The first two days was fine but then the Titanic started to recieve warning about icebergs that were approching in its path from caronia. then in the early after noon he recieve another warning from theBaltic that was a ship . The warning was posted on the ship's bridge. Smith went to a party with many important people and then he recieve a warning from another ship the californian. After the party the Titanic put aside a warning from iceberg from the mesaba. Then a warning transmision was cut off by the operators.Around 11:40 a crew member spoted an iceberg but he wasn't able to move away in time. He told captain Smith. Smith in stead of stopping he put reverse because the ship was going very fast.Unfortunatly the ship scraped the iceberg and a several holes have been made by a side the water run in the holes and it sunk but some people survive but Smith died.

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Who was Mr Edward Pennington Calderhead?

Mr Edward Pennington Calderhead was born in Pennsylvania on 4 June 1869, the son of Edward Calderhead and Josephine Conrad.He boarded the Titanic in first class.Calderhead was rescued in lifeboat 5.Calderhead worked as an engraver before retiring to Los Angeles, California.He died there on 5th April 1961.

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Titanic: 100 Years 2D - History Channel (1080p)
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who was Miss Elisabeth Walton Allen ?

Miss Elisabeth Walton Allen, 29, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, on 1 October 1882.She was a victim on the Titanic and she was a first class passangers. She lived in England and she bring a maid .