Simardeep Nahal

Virtual Resume


S- I want to have an average of 90% in science by the end of this semester.

M- I can track this goal by recording all of my marks on assignments, projects, tests and quiz's and seeing where I am. I can also ask the teacher for help in class and ask her where I am.

A- In order to achieve an average of 90% in science, I will mark the days of all the upcoming tests and quiz's on a calendar and study really hard for them. I will also set reminders on my phone for upcoming due dates and tests. I will also find an effective study space and I will finish my homework that is assigned and circle the questions that I have trouble with and ask the teacher for help on those questions. Since I don't always finish each and every sheet of homework that is assigned, by doing this it will familiarize me with the concepts and help me do better overall. On the weekends, i will review what I learnt from the week to improve my long-term memory. Since I am not very labs, I can get my friends and classmates to edit and go over my labs. I will also participate in science class discussions. I will also get a tutor for two days in a week for extra help and practice and that will give me a set time to be able to do my work and I can ask the tutor to explain a concept that I don't understand or help me solve any problem.

R- This goal is realistic and doable because I want to become a pediatrician and doing well in science is mandatory to pursue this job. Also, if I do really well in grade 10 science, I'll have an easier time in grade 11 and 12 chemistry, biology and physics because this is just the beginning.

T- I want to achieve this goal by the end of this semester. After that, I will continue to do well in science in grade 11 and 12 by continuing to track my test, quiz and assignment marks. I will continue to participate in class and ask for help when needed.

Volunteering smart goal

S- I want to be able to get 120 hours of volunteering hours at the Brampton Civic Hospital by the time I graduate.

M- I will track this by getting a volunteering form from the main office and have the hospital sign how many hours I volunteered so I can know how far or close I am to achieving my goal.

A- In order to get 120 hours of volunteering, I will research the requirements of volunteering at the hospital on their website. I will apply for the summer program at the Brampton Civic Hospital which starts on July for 60 hours. The shifts are Monday- Friday from 4pm- 6pm or 6pm- 8pm, which is convenient for me because it will be summer break and I will only have summer school and it ends earlier than a regular school day. It also only for 2 hours so it won't be tiring and boring. I will sign and hand in the form to the Brampton Civic Hospital. Since I am not very good at communicating with people outside of my friends and family, this volunteering experience will give me the opportunity to step out of box and communicate with different people.

R- This goal is realistic and doable because I want to go into the medical field when I am older so it will look good on my resumes and it'll be a fun experience. It will give me an opportunity to get out of the house and use my skills. I will also meet all kinds of new and different people.

T- I want to achieve this goal by the time I graduate. I will volunteer at the hospital for two summers getting 60 hours each summer, which is 120 hours in total.

Preparing for Transitions and Change


Future Job Resume

Simardeep Nahal

ADDRESS 16 Openbay Gardens

TELEPHONE (647)-718-0843



With strong literacy skills, volunteer experience, and a drive to succeed, I am seeking a challenging and inspiring internship at a high powered and self-motivated company that values and engages its employees.


McMaster University

  • BScN
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • September 2018 - June 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Brampton, Ontario
  • September 2014 - June 2018


Giddah March 2012 - August 2013

Bhangra May 2008 - January 2014

Soccer May 2009 - March 2016

  • My team and I won first place three times in a row.


Brampton Civic Hospital

Brampton, ON

July 2024 - August 2024

  • Waiting Room Volunteer: required to assist and support patients and their families who are waiting for medical tests or procedures.

Brampton Civic Hospital

Brampton, ON

July 2023 - August 2023

  • Information Desk Volunteers: required to greet patients and visitors who enter the hospital and offer directions and information.

Brampton Civic Hospital

Brampton, ON

July 2015 - August 2015

  • Clinic Office Help Volunteer: required to provide administrative support in clinic offices, like calling patients to remind them of their appointments.

Campaign office

Gurpreet Dhillon campaign office

Brampton, ON

October 2014 - November 2014

  • called homes to remind them when the elections are and where they are
  • went door-to-door giving out ballots and explaining what Gurpreet is hoping to do


  • Develops issues
  • Defines needs
  • Self-confident
  • Openly expresses ideas
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Ability to manage and organize information
  • Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)
  • Negotiation skills
  • Analyzes issues
  • Meets goals
  • Supportive
  • Language skills- I am fluent in both English and Punjabi.
  • Teamwork
  • Can handle cash, prepare bills and make payments
  • Listening skills


Honor Roll

June 2018

Honor Roll

June 2017

Honor Roll

June 2016

Honor Roll

June 2015


  • First Aid CertificationDecember 2014
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BScN)June 2022
  • CPR Level CDecember 2014


  • Volunteering
  • Playing soccer
  • Travelling


Inderpreet Mangat, Paediatrician, Brampton Civic Hospital, (647)-200-3389,

Amanpreet Nagra, Insurance Broker, Sun Life Financial , (289)-752-1566,

Challenges and Solutions

My career goal is to become a registered nurse. Nurses play significant roles in hospitals, clinics, and many other places. Nurses are required to distribute medicine, care for patients and communicate with patients and doctors. Being a registered nurse can give you satisfaction emotionally and is a high-paying career. Like any other job, becoming a nurse comes with many advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the disadvantages would be witnessing a patient passing away at your care. A nurse has to deal with many patients who are in critical condition. This means that the patient has a chance of passing away under the nurse’s supervision. Nurses also have to deliver the bad news to the patient's family, who have been waiting in the waiting room for several hours. Nurses may have to deal with the family yelling at them and questioning them. I would overcome this challenge by having a friend to talk to. This will help me express my feelings and relieve stress. This will prevent me from bottling everything inside. Another way I can overcome this challenge is by not getting very attached to the patient. This will help me avoid getting heartbroken. Even though witnessing death can be very tragic, I know that I will be making a positive impact on someone’s life everyday which will keep me going.

Being a nurse is also very challenging because you have to balance your personal life while working long hours. Nurses work an average of 12 hour shifts which can be physically and emotionally demanding. Nurses are drained of their last drop of energy by the end of their work day. Nurses are also required to have a flexible schedule since they can be called in at anytime. In addition, nurses are usually required to work holidays, nights and weekends. It is very hard for nurses to take days off during the holidays and go on vacations since they are usually needed. In order to stay sane, everyone should have things to look forward to, especially nurses. Nurses actively aid their patients so it is very difficult for them to have a life of their own, aside from their job. Something I would do to overcome this challenge is by appreciating the time that I do have off. Whether that be enjoying the extra hours of sleep or by having a spa day. Since nurses are needed around the clock, nurses should enjoy the time they have spending with their family, relaxing or doing absolutely nothing. It may be hard to balance my own personal life while working long and hard hours, but by making small changes, I can overcome this challenge.

Another disadvantage of working as a nurse is that the field of nursing is constantly changing. After an individual graduates from university/college as a registered nurse, they have learned different rules and when they are actually working in the field, new medication, better technology, medical protocol and treatment options are always changing. The healthcare industry is continuously adjusting to meet society's needs. This is considered a disadvantage since an individual working as a nurse, needs to change their ways every time something is advanced or changed. Change is constant in the daily life of a nurse. As a nurse, I must continue to learn and advance my knowledge on new technology and skills, in order for my patients to receive better care. One way that I can make sure that I am up to date on current nursing trends is by following nursing-related social media. Social media gives the news about new nursing trends the minute they hear about them. In addition, I can join professional nursing organizations. Nursing organizations can help students and professionals connect and talk about current modifications in the industry. By interacting with other nurses, we can relieve any stress that we have, learn from our mistakes and keep each other updated on nursing trends.