The Scarlet Ibis



Authors present information to the reader in ways that are often hidden behind rich language and literary devices. As a reader you can gain insight into human experiences and develop a broader understanding of yourself. James Hurst, author of the "The Scarlet Ibis," provides a depth of mystery and meaning through his short story. Your assignment is to use the web in order to find information that will will help not only understand the short story on a deeper level, but also to help you complete your assignment! What mysteries will you uncover and how will those mysteries help you find meaning in your life?

The Quest

These activities are linear; please do them in the order in which they appear in this WebQuest. Use the graphic organizer as your progress through the quest.

Do you know what a symbol is?

So what is a Scarlet Ibis??

THE Scarlet Ibis

Since you are going to read the story "The Scarlet Ibis," it would probably be helpful to know what a Scarlet Ibis is. Through the link below you will discover the importance and/or significance of a Scarlet Ibis, and some other factual information about these magnificent birds.

You are ready!

Through this activity you have discovered an understanding of the different types of symbols authors can use. Understanding the symbolism and background of this bird will enable you to develop your own analysis of the story. You are now ready to read the story!

If you have time left over begin to read: