Personal Stylist and Shopper!

Fashion is purchased, style is acquired.

Getting Dressed: Your Hassle My Hobby

Loads of clothes and nothing to wear?

Or do you find yourself going in and out of stores saying: "I can't find ANYTHING!"

You find yourself I'll find find your style, personal that is.

Styling Services Include:

  • Body shape advice, tricks and tips
  • Image Update
  • Personal Shopping
  • Special event outfits
  • Creative Career Dressing
  • Closet Consultation

For Questions or Inquiries Email Me!

My name is Dominique Morgan, as a stylist and future designer I always say " style is inevitable, I'd much rather create." Family and peers may not have always agreed with my choice of clothing, but with the confidence it was worn I gave them the sense Im comfortable in this area and that I know what I'm doing. Everyone is and individual by DNA so we would have to be creatively right? I like to find ones true identity in there look. Create a visual persona that brings sureness to your character. Our name is our label, the clothing is our packaging. Everyone loves a beautifully wrapped gift but not everyone has wrapping skills. Point is, everyone is a gift and I love to see them perfectly wrapped. People say there's no such thing as perfect but, I disagree.

P.S: no phone calls just send emails, email addressed at

Farewell, Dominique M.