How to Survive E.M.S.

Surviving the First Day of East Middle School

Middle school is kinda difficult. But it is the same as kindergarten through fifth grade. You learn new things everyday, sometimes its really interesting.

The most difficult thing is the scheduling. Also your not with the same people every class. You don't have the same classes all year, they switch around each quarter well not every class just electives (specials).

How Much Fun You Can Have At E.M.S.

Middle school is fun. You can go to the dances and have lots of fun, lots of people dress up but you don't have too. They have contest for the person with the best costume that goes with the theme.

Middle school is fun like in art because you get to play with the clay. In Mr. Teel's class you get to build all kinds of fun things. In F.A.C's you get to make all kinds of foods. The teachers are really nice and they help you as much as they can.