Amazing Armenia

By: Alyssa Herrera, Tabor Bryson, Kaitlyn Marsh

Country Basics

In Armenia, the capital of the city is Yerevan, and has a flag with the colors red, blue, and yellow. Red stands for the blood spilt by their soldiers, yellow of the farmers who spent countless hours growing their crops and food, and blue stands for the sky.


The countries that surround Armenia are Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey.

Some of the major landmarks in Armenia are the Tater Monastery and Geghard. Three of the major bodies of water around Armenia is the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and the Akhurian River. The economy affects the city of Armenia, as there are many mountains surrounding it, they can mine for gold to help them with their payments, and various others.


Armenia is a poor nation, with a GDP of $24.37 billion. Their currency is the Armenian Dram and Noah’s Ark Silver Coins. Armenia’s main export is Crest metals, and main import is natural gas and petroleum.

The life expectancy in Armenia is 74.44 years, birth rate 13.42 births/1,000 population, literacy rate is 99.8%, and the main drinking water source vary. Most are adequate to drink from, but some are not. 98% of what they drink is ground water (water from under the ground), and the other 2% from streams and rivers above ground.


Armenian clothing is very colorful, and it is typical for female women and children to wear dresses.

Men wear suits, mostly made of silk and cotton.

The major languages spoken there is Armenian, which is the country’s native language.

The popular music currently is Dr. Alban, instrumental music, And Turkish music.

The most successful religion in Armenia is Christianity, with a percentage of 95%.

Some of the Major Holidays in Armenia are New Years, National Army Day, Women's Day, Day of Maternity and beauty, and Commemoration Day. Some common food dishes in Armenia are Cuisine.For America are favorite sports are Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball. For Armenia their favorite sports are Football, Chess, Wrestling, weightlifting, Boxing, and rugby. Also Armenia have different ideas of fun they like to do go view the Pagan Temple, or view the Lake Sevan, or visit the Khachkars Noratus Cemetery Ski , but they love to drink fruit flavor wine.


Armenia is a relatively sunny country, with a summer of 25 degrees Celsius. The Ararar Valley has a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius in the summer, with July as the hottest month. They have a Highland Continental Dry climate. Their average rainfall is 526 millimeters per year. Their yearly temperature is above (ex. The Ararar Valley, 40 degrees Celsius during hottest month of the year). The climate does have an effect on the citizens, as it's very hot, which makes it a very arid climate during summer, and a cold and arid winter.


Some history of Armenia is the Armenian Genocide, which is part of Armenia's dark past. They were (Armenia) controlled by Turkey, and the Christians were murdered in various, creative, scary ways. Now, Turkey denies any idea of a genocide and took it's place as an ally of the U.S.

Armenia is very race differential because they have been controlled by many civilizations, such as Turkey.

Compare and Contrast- Amenia and the United States of America

In Armenia, they wear long dresses with colors, while men where suits with silk or cotton. In America, we wear shirts and shorts or pants. Our GDp has vast differences, with Armenia in the billions and the America's in the trillions. The United States and Armenia are very different countries, respectfully.