Ben Franklin

Who was Ben Franklin?

Ben Franklin was a founding father of the United States.

Ben was born in Boston on January 17, 1706 and he died in Philadelphia on April 17, 1790

What did Ben Franklin do for the United States?

Ben helped write the Declaration of Independence. Franklin started the Gazette newspaper. Ben published the Poor Richard's Almanac at the end of 1732. Franklin started the Union Fire Company.At age 42 he conducted the Kite and Key experiment.

When was Ben Franklin important

In 1728 Franklin opens a printing press in Philadelphia

1729 Ben became sole owner of the Pennsylvania Gazette

1752 Franklin conducted the Kite and Key experiment

1776 Ben signs the Declaration of Independence

1778 Ben make a Treaty of Alliance with France

1782 Franklin makes a Treaty of Peace with Great Britain

1787 Ben signed the Constitution of the United States

1790 Franklin dies in Philadelphia

Why was Ben Franklin important

Ben Franklin was very important to the United States he did a lot of things for this country like he make the Kite and Key experiment. Ben helped sign the Declaration of Independence. Franklin make Treaty's with both France and Great Britain.Franklin was one of our Founding Fathers. During the American Revolution he served in the Second Continental Congress. Ben helped sign the Treaty of Paris.We have a county named after him. Franklin was apart of the Pennsylvania Assembly. He helped create the Articles of Confederation.
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