Bi-Monthly Tech Tips

Technology tips that you might find helpful in the classroom

Week of February 2nd


New Feature for Dropbox Annotator - Link: Select the link to see how students can now view teacher comments in the dropbox annotator without having to download the assignment. Students can click on "View Live" now to see their graded assignment!

Haiku Calendar - Link A way to communicate and show students when assignments are due, along with upcoming quizzes, tests and projects.

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How to Limit Websites and Apps for Students

Teachers can limit websites and apps while students are in their class. This will either block or allow students from accessing certain websites or apps on their device. Below are tutorials of how to limit student devices.

Limiting Websites

Limiting Apps

OneNote 2013

Don't forget about OneNote 2013! It is a great tool to take notes and/or write lesson plans with. You can access your notes anywhere by storing them on OneDrive. OneNote 2013 works as an online digital notebook and you can create sections and tabs for as many Notebooks that you want to create. Great features of OneNote 2013 include...

  • Typing or handwriting using your stylist (you can then convert your handwriting to text.)
  • Attach files, images, tables, excel spreadsheets or insert a worksheet into your notebooks.
  • Insert math equations / symbols.
  • Password protect certain sections or pages of notes.
  • Share notebooks with colleagues / students.
  • Record audio or record video in notebooks.

Ways Teacher's are using Technology in the Classroom

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Google Hangouts!

Bring conversations to life through your computer with your students or colleagues using Google Hangouts!


A fun engaging game-base response system to get all students involved!! Teachers can create quizzes, surveys or polls. To start using Kahoot teachers will have to create an account, then teachers can either find a public Kahoot that has already been created or can create their own Kahoot. Once you have compiled all questions Kahoot will give the teacher a game pin that students will use to use to get access. Student will log-in using To begin, students will see the questions posted from the teachers computer screen and students will put their results in using their own device. Students will receive points after they answer each question based on speed and accuracy. After answering each question Kahoot will also show who is in the lead with the most points.

Professional Development Opportunities

Earn SCECH credits for free by attending an EdCamp! EdCamps offer opportunities for educators to collaborate and connect with others to technology is being integrated into the classroom. Also MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning) is coming March 18th - March 20th.

Melissa York - Technology Integration Specialist

Feel free to "book me" at the following website or contact me if you would like for me to help incorporate technology into your classroom and curriculum.