Weekly Updates

as of December 10, 2014

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Dec 1 Ready, Set Sell Starts Today!! Christmas delivery cutoff for domestic military base orders at 11:59 p.m. PST

Dec 2 Watch for Cindy! Cindy is headed to New York City for the Today Show and Holiday Give!

Dec 10 Christmas delivery cutoff on all party & retail orders at 11:59 p.m. PST

Dec 17 Check your inbox for December Inspire!

Dec 25 HO Closed! Merry Christmas!!

Dec 29 Last Day of Fall Catalog!

Dec 30 Get Ready for Spring! pring 2015 Catalog goes live, along with the January Monthly Special!

Dec 31 Last day to place orders counting towards your December sales volume.

Where to FOCUS your December

  • Check the Business Update daily to keep yourselves updated on the status of availability of products.
  • Did you know January is DOUBLE HOSTESS rewards? Book your January parties NOW, showing off the January specials!
  • Continue to party to earn Ready, Set, Sell! Available to earn until Dec 15.
  • HAVE YOU ORDERED SPRING CATALOGS?!?! HAVE YOU ORDERED YOUR ADD-ON KIT? If you would like to order your add-on kit, the last day to do so is the 15th.

Ready, Set, Sell thru Dec 15!

Continue partying now through Dec. 15 to earn spring/summer products for FREE! The kits are more valuable than ever!

From Dec. 1-15, you can earn up to $550 worth of new products and business supplies.

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The Holiday cut-off day IS TODAY, December 10, 2014. Make sure you have all orders placed by tonight to guarantee arrival by Christma

Check Business Update Daily

Our goal for the Business Update is to give you a daily snapshot of the business. Before you head out to your party, take a quick look and find out which products are on low inventory, back order and stop sell. You can head out the door with confidence knowing what products you can offer.

We want you to be open and honest with your Customers and Hostesses with this situation, so in order to keep this as simple as possible for you, we've put together three lists that you can refer to and print to take to your parties: Available for Christmas Delivery, Not available for Christmas Delivery, and Stop Sell List (Stop Sell List is not on Stop Sell Yet! There are dates to show you when they expect them to be sold out… in the meantime, this simply means low inventory) .

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Hostess Mystery Bag

We're taking a new approach to the Surprise Hostess Exclusive option that will make it easier than ever for you and your Hostesses!

Beginning Dec. 1, your Hostesses can purchase a Mystery Bag for just $20! The Mystery Bag will include 2-3 products with a total value of at least $75.

Order the Mystery Bag for your Hostesses beginning Dec. 1.

To order use #2692.

Email Activity Report Tips and Tricks

Get ready to boost your booking, selling and recruiting this holiday season!

The Email Activity Report can be your best friend when you use it effectively!

Click here to check out these amazing tools to learn how.

Spring is live on ThirtyOneToday.com!

It's Dec. and there is a lot going on right now including:

  • Earn Ready Set Sell now through Dec. 15!
  • Buy your Seasonal Add-On Kit now through Dec. 15!
  • Help your new recruits get off to a strong start with the NEW! StartSwell program, starting today!
  • The How to Market January page is now available!
  • Purchase Spring/Summer Business Supplies starting today.
  • NEW! Party Experience for parties in the home or on the go, and all spring/summer tools to help you in the season.

Have fun, ladies! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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DECEMBER Customer Special

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