Mrs. Schrage's Kindergarten News

For the week of October 3rd- October 7th

What are we learning?

Curriculum for the Week:

Unit 2: A Colorful Time with Rhythm & Rhyme

Focusing on phonological awareness, students are challenged to listen for rhythm and rhyming words within the literature. Concepts of print are taught as students read poems on wall charts, modeled writing, and in informational books. Description of gathered objects and pictures highlight the secondary focus on color, encouraging rich description, discussion in spoken language, and vocabulary development. In this early stage of writing, students use a combination of drawing, dictation, and writing to retell poems and stories.

Sight Words: big, is, me

Phonemic Awareness: We will continue the program, Michael Heggerty where the students will do a series of oral phonemic awareness activities each day. These are a few activities that are in the program; rhyming, segmenting words, substituting sounds, deleting/adding phonemes, language awareness, blending sounds & being able to identify beginning, middle and ending sounds.

Phonics: We will continue to focus on segmenting words and writing the corresponding letters to write words.

Reading: We will learn story elements.

Writing: We will be working on Narrative Writing in relation to the stories we are reading.

Vocabulary: listener, speaker

Math: We will begin Topic 4, Comparing and Ordering Numbers 0 to 10.

Important Dates to Remember


5-Parent Teacher Conferences

6- Parent Teacher Conferences

8-17 Fall Break

18- Students return to school

28- Fall Festival

31- Fall Party

This Week's Specials!

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

*The students need to wear tennis shoes on the days that they go to gym class.

*We will be checking books out on Wednesday’s from the library.

First Quarter Sight Words

the, we, a, see, I, can, like, to, am, and, you, in, my, it, go, big, is, me

Important Information

  • Please double check your conference time. We strive to have 100% attendance for our conferences. If your time doesn't work, please let me know as soon as possible so we can adjust as necessary!
  • We are out of snack! Please send in October snack as soon as you can! Things that students love are: pudding cups (with spoons), fruit snacks, veggie straws, chip, gold fish, cheez-its, animal crackers, etc.
  • Our Book fair will be open from September 26th- October 5th 8-3:30, as well as during conferences.

What are Interventions?

Central Elementary frequently monitors our student’s progress in reading. Our staff uses these results to determine if an intervention in a specific area of literacy is needed. All grade levels will have 30 minutes daily built into their schedule for intervention time. Grade level teachers will provide students that are not requiring interventions with additional learning activities during this time. Grades 1-5 will begin intervention groups within the next couple of weeks and kindergarten students will begin following Fall Break. Teachers will share student reading progress at parent conferences.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me!