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Walking the Talk -Word by Word

Write Right Now

Do you have small children whose words and actions you'd like to capture? Do you have an aging parent whose story you want to document. Do you want to remember the special moments of the holidays? Are you planning a special event in your life (wedding, baby, move) and you want to capture your hopes, dreams, fears and experiences? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at writing a children's book, some poetry or keeping a journal? This group may be just the inspiration and support you need to make those ideas a reality.

Augusta Writes

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 3:30pm

9 Marketplace Dr

Augusta, ME

This will be a group that will support and share writing with one another. My hope is that our writing helps us slow down, be in a moment and really experience it, and then capture it so that we don't lose it. I want it to support teachers who would like to write for themselves or others.

Please bring a notebook, laptop or favorite method to do some writing. Barnes and Noble has some great journals and notebooks! We will take some time out of our busy lives to stop and write. If anyone wishes, they may share a piece of writing as we wrap up. This is a NO JUDGING zone! We aren't critiquing or giving suggestions (unless that is what someone wants).


3:30 Get a coffee or snack
3:40 Meet in the Cafe or nearby couches
3:45 Time for writing (and a share if anyone wishes)
4:30 Head home or shop for books!