Triumph 2nd Annual Company Picnic

Saturday, September 7th, 12pm - 4pm

Triumph Confirms Special Guest Appearance by Al Sapp!

Triumph Enterprises is hosting its 2nd Annual Company Picnic, Saturday, September 7th from 12pm to 4pm. Come out for a day of fun. Meet Al Sapp! Shake his hand! Have your photograph taken with Al Sapp! Hear legendary stories of AIMD exploits spoken firsthand by none other than Al Sapp himself!

Triumph 2nd Annual Company Picnic

Saturday, Sep. 7th 2013 at 12-4pm

201 Enon Church Rd

Chester, VA

Dodd Park

Ammenities and Activities

There will be competitive events as well as non-competitive activities, if you wish to participate. Adult and children teams will be available also. Numerous amenities provided including horseshoe pit, volleyball net, beautiful overlook area, large shelter, nearby restrooms, large seating area, and scenic backdrops for photo opportunities to be taken with Al Sapp! (hand sanitizer not provided)