Theodore Rosavelt

By R. Lynn

Early life

On October 27 in new York Theodore Roosevelt was born. Theodore had asthma. At the age of 9 he wrote a book about insects.

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The rough riders

Theodore Roosevelt had formed the rough riders in 1998.Tons of people volunteered to help teddy Roosevelt.

why teddy

Theodore Roosevelt had a nickname called teddy. You may wonder why they called him this. During a hunting trip in 1902 teddy and his friends came across a small bear, and captured it. Then they tied it up to a tree so he could easily kill it. But when he saw it was injured he told his friends to put it out of its Misery.

Adult life

In 1905 teddy won the Nobel prize. A Nobel prize is n award given to those who do great things. As president he had a lot of free time, a few of his hobby's are playing tennis boxing and he even learned sumo wrestling.

Finel years

In his final Years Theodore Roosevelt, went on one last adventure in 1913 his friend kirmet joined him for his adventure to explore south America. When they got back to new York teddy was looking thin and tired. Teddy died on January 15 1919.