Interior Designer

By:Hanna Evens


*My name is Hanna Evens

*My teacher is Swierczek

*When I am older i want to be a Interior Designer

*My career cluster is Arts,A\V technology and communications

Personal strengths

*I chose this career, because i watch a T.V show called Fixer Upper and i think it would be really fun

*My personal skills are being creative and artistic

Education and Training

*For this job you need to have a Bachelors degree

*The most important school subjects for this job are design, English, and management

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Work Environment

*It would be really fun to work at this job

*For this job I would work outside in a office and in houses

*For this job I would stay in one place if the house is close by and travel if it is far away

*This job would be very stressful because you can run out of money or run into a problem with the house and not b able to do something you want to

*For this job i will most likely be working with other people

*my schedule will not be a normal schedule it will be different


* I will make 47,540$ a year

* I will be paid on a hourly wage( the amount of work i do that our)

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Job Outlook

*The future is very good for this job

*There will be 16% of jobs in 2023(Georgia)

* There will be opportunities for promotion

* I am still interested in doing this job after my resources

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