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4.9 - acidification lab

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Gas dissolves in our atmosphere

Acidic solution: CO2, Sulfuric dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride

Carbonic acid contains dissolved CO2

Sulfuric dioxide is "acid rain" and from volcanoes and industrial plants

Acid rain:

- kills forests

- pollutes waters


- porous

- soft

- soluble in water

Florida sinkholes happen because:

- lots of limestone

- water underground (aquifer)

- Used to be covered by ocean (soft calcium deposits)

When and by who was sulfuric acid found by?

- 8th century

- Alchemist

Uses for sulfuric acid:

- Lead acid batteries (cars)

- fertilizers

- Steel industries: prevents rust corrosion

- dried fruit production (hydrotropic)

Magnesium carbonate and acid:

- more dense than the air

- sinks (CO2)

Magnesium and Acid:

- lighter than air (less dense)

- floats (hydrogen)