Escape to Freedom

Assignment #1

How to Escape

  1. Make acquaintances with other darkies who have experience on your plantation. However do not let your overseer witness this relationship, for he will report it to the master and the flogging will be never ending.
  2. Determine north by following the north star or moss on a tree.
  3. In the night, when the lights go off in the main house, follow your previously determined north across the Ohio River from Nashville.
  4. Only travel at night. During the day, if you're not able to find shelter at a station, find ways to conceal yourself. Utilize the rivers and bodies of water to cover your scent. Soon enough you will find someone who will help you escape the peculiar institution also known as a conductor. For many times, he too has escaped from your situation.
  5. Once you find a conductor along the way, follow their instructions on how to find the next station and keep heading North all the way to Canada. Do not stop, you are not necessarily safe even though you are North of the "Black Belt"
  6. Last of all, do not lose hope or faith. Men across the nation such as Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner are striving for a better America when your people are not trapped in such a horrid situation.
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The Underground Railroad (how the slaves escaped)