Misha Mozharovskiy 6V

Saint Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is a gorgeous city, full of museums and other interesting places. Your chance to get a terrific view of Saint-Petersburg. Fly in a hot air baloon and you will enjoy what you see!

The palace of St. Petersburg-the Winter Palace

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The winter Palace is a Grand structure which is the oldest building on Palace square, built in Baroque style. As any building in St. Petersburg and the Winter Palace is shrouded in stories and myths. Officially, the construction of the Winter Palace by the project of F. B. Rastrelli, was begun in 1754 and ended in 1762, but the history of its establishment originates much earlier.

The Suburb Of St. Petersburg

My favorite place in St. Petersburg

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I love to spend time in the Baltick pearl. There can be almost anything: pogust, go to the movies, go shopping, eat in the restaurants and there will soon open a beach.