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Shaw Montessori Newsletter / Week of October 30th, 2022

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  • Message From Principal Engdall
  • Arizona Tax Credit
  • Message From Nurse Rose
  • Message From Laura Hildwein
  • J.E.D.I. Meeting
  • Primary Garden Spotlight
  • Garden Update
  • See Shaw Shine Reporters
  • Shaw Calendar
  • October/November Meal Menu
  • District Information

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Message From Principal Engdall

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Greeting Shaw Montessori,

International Day of the Child was an event to remember this year! The beautiful and diverse clothing and incredible food were so joyous and yummy but the student performances made the morning. Thank you for attending and supporting this school event. The children are having a hard time deciding if the Fun Run or this event is their favorite.


We have a couple of projects that need the work of an expert. Are you the expert we are looking for?

  1. A space planner to help us move our ideas/plans off paper and into action. The new Practical Life room needs a planner to help us arrange, create allotments, suggest construction changes, and keep us on budget. We have a lot of fabulous ideas; we need a reality checker!
  2. A concrete expert that can help us put the final finish on the River Model so the students can use the model to experiment with and observe the work of water on earth. This job is relatively small, one to two bags of concrete and some expertise should do it!

If either of these projects speak to you, please contact me at 602-257-4069 or Your 10 hours of volunteer time will be completed, and you’ll make a lot of children very happy!

Wishing you the best,

Principal Engdall

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AZ Tax Credit Donations

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Tax credit donations help us provide for our children the incredible beauty that extends Montessori beyond the classroom walls. Field trips, sports teams, the field garden and the outdoor environment are not critical, but highly desirable. Without our tax credit donations, they will cease to exist. You may donate here: or in person in the school office (form attached below). Thank you!

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Message From Nurse Rose

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Note From the Nurse: Parents of Pre/Kinder, your student should have a full set (or 2) of clothes to be kept in the classroom for accidents. I am happy to provide clothes as needed but most aren’t returned and then I run out. If I don’t have replacement clothing, parent will need to come to school to bring a change of clothing. I do accept clothing donations but need bigger sizes 4T-6T along with underwear. Thanks for any help!

For Field Trips: If your student needs an inhaler or an Epi-pen, they may use the one stored in the nurse’s office to bring with them on field trips. The teacher will take care of it during the trip and it is available to the student if needed. If your student does not have a stored inhaler or Epi-pen and needs one, please bring it on the day of the field trip to the nurse’s office so the Medication Permission Form can be completed. The medication can be picked up at the end of the day/after the field trip. Parents please be aware that if no medication is available on a field trip, 911 will be called.

Stock Epi-pens: The District is still waiting on the EpiPen4Schools to send us a supply of Epi-pens. The Epi-pens I have in stock right now expire October 31. If you have not brought in an Epi-pen for your student, please do so! I don’t think the new stock will be here by November 1.

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Message From Laura Hildwein

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The countdown has begun!!! On November 16th we will have a presenter for parents about online safety. The presentation will run from 5-6 PM and will be followed by the PTA meeting. Childcare will be provided. Please come and learn how to keep your child safer when they use social media and the internet.

Laura Hildwein, LCSW

Augustus H. Shaw Montessori

School Social Worker

602-523-8965 (office)

If you are having a mental health crisis please call 911, the 24/7 crisis hotline at 602-222-9444 or the Teen Lifeline at 602-248-8336

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J.E.D.I. Meeting

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Join us for the first meeting of the year! Apologies for last meetings time and date mix up. We will be discussing the creation of an Augustus H Shaw Jr celebration day, and reflecting on the multicultural celebration that occurred for International Day of the Child together :) Agenda is always open for parents and teachers to add items! Melanie Sopa Harmann <3

Shaw JEDI Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 879 3527 5684
Passcode: ra40BU

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Primary Garden Spotlight

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Parent Night Out event in the garden

Come to see why your child loves the garden and meet the hard-working staff that make the garden a special place at school. This outdoor environment and the hiring of staff is only made possible by the State Tax Credits contributed by parents like you! Mingle with other parents and relax in the much awaited cool evening weather.

Friday, November 4th

7pm - 8pm

Hope to see you all there,

ODE Primary Garden Teachers

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Garden Update

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What a week we’ve had! The International Day of the Child was a huge success. I loved seeing all the different country reports and cultural garb! Thanks for all the great food and good company!

Our garden is flourishing. The only setback (apart from the persistent Bermuda grass) was an aphid infestation in our ground squash. There’s a silver lining to aphids. They attract the ladybugs! Ladybugs love to feast on aphids and their offspring. Next to butterflies and worms, ladybugs are some of our coolest garden friends. We welcome the aphids because they bring the ladybugs. It’s like that annoying guest that brings their cool partner to the party. It’s worth the annoyance if you get to hang out with the cool person.

Our death discourse continues. It’s an intense subject to have with the students. Most of them have experienced some form of death and carry that emotional trauma. Parents nor teachers ever explained to me this life process, so I feel compelled to explain it to the next generation. There’s a bunch of different philosophical and religious beliefs (some of which we discuss) and they all share one common thread-the soul is eternal. You can not destroy that life force. That notion gives the students a more positive outlook on life and death. Hopefully, it will help them navigate the future loss of pet, friend or family member.

PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY! Only one person has done so thus far. It’s short and painless. Just click the link:

I am asking for a classroom volunteer to purchase vermicomposting bins for their child’s classroom. Each class needs two totes. They both need to be the same size and can be anywhere from a 12 Gallon to a 27 Gallon. Here’s a link to the Home Depot totes:

Here’s my email in case you need to reach me:

Home Depot gift cards are always appreciated. Continue bringing your aluminum cans, coffee grounds, eggshells and bottle caps. You can leave them on the table outside the front office except for the bottle caps. Have your child drop them in their classroom bin.

If you have any flagstone cuts or wood cuts we will also take them. We will also accept any tool donations for the field garden and/or ODE.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr. Moench

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See Shaw Shine Reporters

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Is Halloween the same as The Day of the Dead?

If you like reading you will like this!

Halloween is a holiday and a celebration when people dress up as other characters and carry around baskets, knock on doors, and say trick or treat! Some people get this holiday mixed up with The Day of the Dead but they are very different topics! Traditionally when you go trick or treating you get candy in your basket but sometimes they get other things like puzzles, newspapers or toothpaste! While Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd and is to celebrate families and friends who have passed.

Halloween was made by the Celts. They invented rituals to protect themselves during this turbulent time, they put on costumes and disguises to hide themselves from the spirits. They lit candles inside of carved turnips, which were the first jack-o-lanterns. The turnips were made to scare away mischievous spirits.

Halloween is a holiday that marks the day before the western Christian feast of all the saints, or all the hallows and initiates the season of All Hallow Tide in much of Europe and South America. The celebration of Halloween is largely non-religious, Halloween is in October because Death was lurking around the corner. Spirits were set freely to roam in the date of October. This is why Halloween has the nice spooky feeling it has today.

Orange and black have been the traditional colors here for a very long time. Halloween's origins can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival known as Samiah which was held on November 1st. In contemporary calendars it was believed that on that day the souls of the dead returned to their homes so people dressed up and lit bonfires to ward off evil spirits. Halloween has been around for more than a thousand years!

Halloween is not the same as Day of the Dead but Halloween is also about celebrating the dead. Halloween is about celebrating that all the bad spirits are gone. The spirits names were Gauls, Gaels, Briton and Galatians. They were all Celtic tribes. The Galatians occupied much of the Austras region of what is now northern Spain and they successfully fought off attempted invasions by both the Romans and the Moors. The Moors ruled much of present day northern Spain.

Article by: Mila, Bryan, Eris, Eeshie

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Shaw Calendar

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October / November Meal Menu

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District Info

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