- Parks E, Madeline H, Max R, Jonathan H, Molly L, Breanna W

The Basis Of Leukemia by Madeline Hunsinger

Leukemia is a very serious type of cancer that can affect anyon of any health or age. Leukemia is caused by an unsaf number of unhealthy blood cells in your body. In cancer, cells begin to reproduce and grow rapidly. As the number of "bad" cells increase, the number of "good" cells (white blood cells) are outnumbered, giving way to the cancer. The white blood cells decrease, so the body's immune system cannot function (Pamela). "Some researchers suspect that viruses, radiation, or chemicals in the enviroment (such as benzene, a chemical compound present in lead-free gasolin) might account for some cases of leukemia" (David). You can reduce your chances of getting leukemia by not smoking, avoid certain air fumes, and avoid radiation when possible (Pamela). There are also leukemia side-effects and treatments. If you have leukemia, you may suffer from frequent fever, night sweats, flu systems, small cuts yhat take a long time to heal, headaches, extreme reaction to bug bites, always feeling weak and tired, paleness, frequent bleeding and bruising, and small red spots under your skin (Pamela).
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Patients of Lukemia By: Parks E

Leukemia is a blood cancer that is deadly but people still get it. Children and adults can get leukemia but children are more likely to get it and die from it. The treatment is chemotherapy, a medicine that helps divide the cells will help get rid of the leukemic cells while not killing any other cells that aren’t cancerous yet (“Leukemia”). Cancer has some different ways to form in your body. In my research I was trying to figure out how cancer occurred. In the article Krisha states that “Cancer occurs when cells in the body divide without control or order. Normally, cells divide in a regulated manner. If cells keep dividing uncontrollably when new cells are not needed, a mass of tissue forms, called a growth or tumor. The term cancer refers to malignant growths. These growths can invade nearby tissues. Cancer that has invaded nearby tissues can then spread to other parts of the body.” This says how the cancer forms in your body (McCoy). Cancer is especially dangerous for little kids but adults still can get it. The patients can get better even though they have Leukemia. Normally the patients that most doctors offices get are of age 55 or over.

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Lung Cancer Diagnosis By: Breanna W

Lung Cancer Diagnosis is something performed everyday and has advanced over the years which has saved millions of lives. From electrodes to CT scans, continue reading to learn about these life saving methods. 50 years ago to detect lung cancer the doctor attached electrodes to the leg and the other one to certain parts of the patient’s body. Although this method never really caught on, this method could predict lung cancer. Today lung cancer is diagnosed with low-dose CT scans. (“Lung Cancer Diagnosis”). Diagnosis has changed over the years and with Lung cancer there is certain things that must be done afterward which makes this cancer common and different from other types. In the article it tells about the odds of the results and what is done afterward . For example the author writes,”In general, a positive result from a lung cancer test is unlikely to be false in a person who is suspected of having lung cancer.”(pg 45) This quote is significant because it tells about the odds of the results. (“Lung Cancer”) Wow! You would probably have never had thought that Lung Cancer is so common, but new types of diagnosis have bested others saving millions of lives which has been hard work for scientists. Recent studies show from the National Cancer Institute show that chest X-Rays saved 20% fewer lives than CT scans.(“Lung Cancer”). I bet you thought that all diagnosis methods worked the same well scientists have proved that it is not the case. These Advancements have saved many people over the years and more are soon to come for every type of cancer and just maybe one day cancer diagnosis will be no use, if a cure is found.

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Symptoms of Lung Cancer By: Jonathan H

There are many different types of cancer. Each type has different symptoms and it is important to know them because it would help you get the right treatments. Symptoms are “a physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient(Google)”. The symptoms of lung cancer consist of chest pain, constant coughing, saliva mixed with mucus with blood on it, and attacks of bronchitis or pneumonia. Lung cancer is hard to detect, the symptoms to not show until the cancer is advanced(Britannica school). There are many different ways to cure cancer, one is to remove cancer completely if a tumor is localized. But normally when surgery has finished the tumor has spread. Surgery is normally followed by chemotherapy or radiation(Britannica School). Cancer affects many people, and each type of cancer has different symptoms and knowing what the symptoms are or how to cure it is important.

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Breast Cancer By: Molly L

By the time you finish this article, someone will die from Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world for women and even men(Cassata). A common question is what symptoms does it have? How do we know what it looks like? Well, one thing to look for is when the breast cells start growing abnormally (Cassata). Or swelling or abnormal growth and pain in the breast. A new lump or Mass is the most common sign of breast cancer(Cassata). Sometimes, you may not have the symptoms, but Family history of breast cancer can most likely be passed down to you. If you are getting these symptoms, then go see your doctor. To see if you have breast cancer, you can get a breast exam that cost 3,000 dollars(Cassata). You can get a mammogram. A mammogram takes some extra pictures of your breasts looking for any signs of unusual lumps or masses(Cassata). You can also get a MRI scan that looks at the inside of the breast.(Cassata)But what treatments are out there? Well, Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, Radiation, And surgery are all options. Doctors will choose to get you chemotherapy determining how big the tumor is or the tumor size(cassata). Breast Cancer is not the best thing to ever happen to you. Just live life to the fullest.

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Bone Marrow Transplant By: Max R

You may not know that there is more than just chemotherapy to treat cancer. Bone Marrow Transplants are a series of treatments that have a chance of curing cancer. I had the chance to talk to one of the doctors at North Carolina University and get some information. I started out by asking a simple question, what are bone marrow transplants. I was a little surprised to find out that to have bone marrow transplants you first have to have chemotherapy. The chemotherapy kills the bone marrow which might have been making bad blood cells. You then have to get new blood marrow injected through a big I.V. (Roehrs)

I then asked him how and what to do to become a doctor that does these things. Doc. Phillip Roehrs said, “This is a fairly new procedure. I actually learned from one of the first doctors to do it.” (Roehrs) This showed that now might be the time to learn how to do a bone marrow transplants because you would be able to learn from one of the first. Bone marrow transplants have a chance to save lives and it can be used for many diseases.

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