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February 25 2022

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TAC Hosts the Panel “Science in the Future”

On Friday, 18 February TAC hosted the panel titled "Science in the Future" where guest speakers were Prof. Dr. Güray Erkol, General Manager of the Health and Education Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Altuğ Özpineci (TAC'94), Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Middle East Technical University (METU). The first part of the panel was an introduction and presentation about the sciences departments of METU. Erkol and Özpineci informed the students about the importance of science and what they should consider when choosing these programs. Emphasizing that a background in science is a prerequisite in every professional path later in one’s life, Erkol said, "these programs nurture individuals who question, research, criticize and reach conclusions which are keys to being successful in every profession."

In the second part of the panel, Dr. Şeref Etker and Semih Bilgin, both TAC 1968 graduates, provided further information about the Ahmet Ziya Akyıl (AZA) Education Fund, created by TAC’s 1968 graduates in memory of their late classmate, Ahmet Ziya Akyıl, to be awarded to a TAC graduate who gains admission to a science program at METU. This scholarship will support one of TAC’s 2022 graduates who chooses to attend a science program at METU for the duration of four years for their undergraduate studies.

The same funds generated in the name of Ahmet Ziya Akyıl (AZA) will also extend to an annual Basketball Achievement Award to be awarded to one player of the TAC Basketball Team who will be selected as the MVP of the season, given the fact that Ahmet Ziya Akyıl was a basketball player.

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TAC’s Prep Student in National Team

At the U15 national basketball team selections in Ankara on 16-20 February, TAC’s Prep student Mehmet Alp Uyan was selected to play as part of the U15 national basketball team which will travel to North Macedonia on 02-07 March.

Mehmet Alp’s father, Ahmet Uyan from TAC’s class of 1981, also succeeded in playing with the national team while in high school, later attending a college in the USA on a basketball scholarship. Mehmet Alp’s older brother from TAC’s senior class, Hasan Can Uyan, also a player in TAC’s basketball team and is the head of the Student Council for his grade level.

We congratulate Mehmet Alp who continues his family's passion for basketball and wish him continued success.

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“Town Musicians of Bremen” on Stage

As part of their classroom project for the German class, TAC’s prep students acted out parts from "Town Musicians of Bremen" which they read during the semester break.

During this group activity, the efforts of the students to support each other were commendable. There were quite entertaining scenes as students realized the challenges of depicting the protagonists of the book.

In the last part which was a grammar-based activity, the performance of students as seen in the video recordings was reviewed by their classmates who were expected to find the errors. The activity helped retention of grammar points while allowing students to socialize with friends and having fun.

TAC Sports Club U16 Men's Basketball Team

Following the Mersin Provincial Championship, TAC’s U16 Boys Basketball Team consisting of Prep and Grade 9 students won their first game in Niğde with a score of 93-52.

The second game, against Ö. Dilaş Koleji Sports Club from Konya, also resulted in a win, 66-63.

After the third game against the TRNC team, TAC’s team finished the tournament with third place in their play- off group with the triple average in their group.

TAC congratulates the U16 team for their competitive spirit and wishes them continued success.

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TAC Girls and Boys Basketball Teams in Regional Championship

TAC’s B Girls and Boys Basketball teams will compete in the regional championship.

Between 13-17 March 2022, TAC’s girls team, the Mersin champions, and the boys team, who are playing in the finals, will travel to Kırşehir for the regional championships for the B category.

TAC hopes to see continued success in basketball at the regional level.

''Mission Possible 5” Project Competition

The “Mission Possible 5” project competition organized by SEV for our 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students is starting! You can attend the Project Development Training, which consists of 6 modules, to be given by Özyeğin University. The first 4 modules will be open to the participation of our 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students, and only the "Mission Possible 5" finalists can participate in the last 2 modules. You may visit by logging in with your school e-mail address, and see the details of the competition, review past projects, and apply to participate in Özyeğin University Project Development training. The deadline to register for the training is MARCH 8th, 2022. To enter the competition, click here and fill out the form. The deadline to enter the competition is APRIL 28, 2022. Click to following posters to viev the pdf poster with links and details. For any questions, you may contact School Corporate Communications Manager Neslihan Özünlü (Sadık Paşa Building, 1st floor)

YKS Exam Preparations at TAC

Please click on the visual below for the video explaining the YKS preparation activities. (only in Turkish)

Weekly YKS Bulletin

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