Joyce Weddeh

Winter Break

Over My Cousins' house

When I was over my cousin's house, we had lots of fun. The next day when I was over there, we made cookies to take with us over her Grandma's house. Our aunt was there too and she had a new born baby. He was cute and he was named after our uncle. Then, we left and went back to the house. We ate cookies and more yummy things. After that, my aunt had to go get her phone from my other aunt's house and we followed her. When we got there we saw our cousin, Dorothy. My aunts talked and talked until it snowed and we couldn't go home. We pranked call her older sister when we slept over and then we went to sleep. After that her mom left early in the morning for work and then the three of us went sleding. We were spining as we were going down the hills. We were trying to top how far we went. We went in side and ate. Then we her mom came for us. Next, we opend presents and we got almost of what we wanted. The next day we watched T.V. and ate alot and stayed in PJs. 2 days past and we went out and had a snow ball fight.