Class News

November 2015

Reading Each Night

I cannot say enough how important it is that you listen to your child read each night for 15 - 20 minutes. Help them sound out any words they don't know, use the pictures as clues, and think about what makes sense in the sentence. Spending that time together makes a HUGE difference!

Beginning Friday, November 13th, your child should be able to

read independently at a level 10.

If you have internet access, I encourage you to use Istation and Razkids. We use them in class daily, so your child knows how to login.

Thanks for your hard work and support at home!

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What We're Working on in Class

We've been working on the following sounds in phonics:

L blends - pl, fl, cl, bl, gl, sl

R blends - pr, fr, cr, br, gr, dr

S blends - sc, sk, sl, st, sw

Digraphs - th, ch, sh, wh

* Practice these sounds as your child reads to you each night.

In math we've been working on adding and subtracting. Please practice math facts at home. I'll be sending home flashcards soon. Ask your child the strategies we've talked about and tools we've used together.