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January 2015

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Google Apps for Education (GAFE) has arrived!

All VBCPS teachers and students now have access to Google Apps for Education (GAFE). This is a suite of apps created by Google. It is best to use Chrome when logging in to GAFE. There are many reasons why this is great news. One of the most important is that students can now easily collaborate on shared documents and projects. Another reason being that you now have access to an unlimited Google Drive (storage space). I will be leading some PLP classes that introduce you to Google Drive and Apps for Education. Here is a list of the PLP classes that I am offering just to Alanton Teachers. Each class will be 1 hour long and take place in the Computer Lab from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. You can earn 1 PLP site-based point for attending each session. Use My Learning Plan to register for each class.

Introducing Padlet!

Padlet in Ed - Tech Tools Tour
Padlet is a digital wall space. It allows students to post comments, links, pictures that are shared with the class. It is easy to use and students can access a Padlet page by scanning a QR code or clicking on a link that has been posted for them. Padlet is a great way to start a discussion, review for a test, check for understanding, use as an exit ticket, record student responses. To get started, all you need to do is sign up for a free account at .

Site-Based Technology PLP Classes Being Taught at Alanton

Here's a list of the technology-based lessons that I will teaching this spring. You can sign up for them through My Learning Plan. All classes will be one hour long and will begin at 3:30 pm. You can earn 1 site-based PLP point for attending each session.

Monday, Feb. 5 Intro to NearPod

Thursday, Feb. 18 Intro to NearPod (repeat class)

Monday, Feb. 22 Twitter & Social Media 101

Thursday, Feb. 25 Google Apps for Education Overview and Introduction

Monday, March 7 Google Classroom (Google's version of "Edmodo")

Thursday, March 17 Google Forms

Technology Badges...are Coming Soon!

I am starting a Technology Badge program. Teachers and staff can earn badges by learning about specific program or app and then using it in their classroom. Badges will be displayed on a shield outside your classroom door. Are you ready to earn a badge? More information about Technology Badges will be sent out soon.

What is TPACK?

TPACK is a technology integration model. Whenever you plan a lesson with me or Heather, we use this model in planning what type of technology will work best with the content that you want to cover. You as the classroom teacher or specialist are the content experts. Heather and I depend on your input as the content expert to help us in planning rigorous and engaging lessons for your students. This is a model that you need to become familiar with throughout this year. I've added a short video below that explains TPACK a little bit more in detail.


You are making TPACK work! Heather and I have had some great lessons with students that were a success because classroom teachers shared their expertise in content and Heather and I shared our expertise with technology. It is so exciting when you see such a model come to life.

TPACK in 2 Minutes

Instructional Resources

President's Day Resources

I'm available to help you celebrate Presidents' Day in your classroom. I can create a Nearpod lesson or share a flipchart that focusing that Lincoln & Washington. Lots of great things that can be shared. I have two books that I love to share to with students during the month of February - George Washington's Teeth and Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers. Each book provides a different perspective on a President that you thought you knew. is a great resource site for websites and instructional resources. Just type your topic in the search box to see a long list of easy to use resources.
Check out my Tech at the Beach Facebook page for resources and information related to educational technology. It's a quick and easy way to keep up on new web 2.0 tools and other trending issues.

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