Secondary RtI Newsletter

October 2016, Volume 2

Behavior RtI FOGS are here!

The behavior RtI is now on its own FOG for Tier 1, 2 and 3. Please share the screencast with your staff so that they are confident in completing a Behavior FOG.

Behavior RtI Screencast

Adding an RtI Record in Skyward

Please use this link to get directions on tagging a student as RtI in Skyward. This is especially important for Tier 3 Behavior.

Academic FOG Updates

Use the academic FOG screencasts to review the procedures with your staff.

Tier 1

Tier 2 and 3

RtI Zone Visits

I will be visiting each zone every month to see how RtI is going. Please fill out the Google form to let me know when your RtI meetings occur, and I will try to schedule my time accordingly.

Ace Reader -

Great news! Ace Reader has been purchased for all campuses. If you have staff members that would like to use this tremendous resource, I need their names and school info emailed to me ( and I will get them a username and password. There will be opportunities to attend an Ace Reader training very soon.

Academic Focus - Literacy and Math RtI Guides

In case you didn't know, math facilitators and teachers across the district came together last year to create a math and literacy intervention guide for secondary teachers. There are best practices and examples given for each TEK.

Literacy Intervention Guide Math Intervention Guide

Behavior Focus - Mentoring

Mentoring can be a powerful intervention for students with problem behaviors. Click on the link to review characteristics of a good student mentor.

  • Check out the video for a mentoring example set in a high school setting.
Student-Teacher Relationships: Mentor Students
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