Identity Theft

Cassidy Pascucci

What Is It?

Identity theft is when someone takes your private information without asking and uses it. Identity thieves use the internet to steal identities because they can keep track of what you post on social media and make you post more about yourself and soon they will have enough to steal your identity.

Be Proactive

  1. make strong passwords
  2. keep track of all online accounts
  3. sign out of accounts on every computer you use

Do Not

  1. share passwords
  2. answer unknown phone calls
  3. answer unknown emails


  • 1 in 3 people are victims of identity theft
  • identity thieves usually steal for financial reasons, utility reasons, and medical reasons
  • personal information is not needed to steal identity, only private information

Personal Information

  • favorites
  • opinions
  • advice

Private Information

  • name
  • SS number
  • passwords
  • birthday
  • address
  • credit card numbers
  • bank account numbers